At Advanced Benefit Services, we have been helping businesses and individuals select, purchase, and most importantly…use…their healthcare benefits. We are at our core a service company.

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Our clients appreciate our straight answers as we counsel them on their requirements, their options and their costs to provide health, dental, life and disability benefits to their employees. Our goal is to help you use you benefit plans to hire and retain the best workforce you can, so that you are profitable.

ABS Helps

HR Administrators


As your “one stop solution”, we help HR administer the benefit plans. Your employees will always have direct access to us, and they will appreciate how they are treated. We’ll interact with the carriers on your behalf to save you time, and we’ll give you the tools you need to be in compliance. You will also have unlimited access to HRAnswerlink, a great resource for benefits and non-benefits related Human Resources issues.

ABS Helps



Health care is complex, and problems occur when we use our benefits. Contact us directly for quick and confidential help resolving claims and coverage issues and questions. We’ll treat you like the CEO, and when needed put you in contact with nurses, doctors, social workers, and programs that help you get the most out of your plan.

ABS Helps

Seniors with Medicare


Transitioning from Employer health coverage to Medicare is confusing. Seniors appreciate how we meet face to face with them to understand how to enroll in Medicare, how to get the best Part D prescription plan, and how to pay the expenses Medicare doesn’t cover.

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