Group Employee Benefits

At Advanced Benefit Services we are insurance brokers, which allows us to keep your needs foremost as we shop all the insurers permitted in your state. We’ll find the right fit for you and negotiate with the carriers for you.


As consultants, we listen to you and help you understand the regulatory and insurance issues that affect your strategy in hiring and retaining your employees.


As product specialists, we use our industry knowledge and contacts to find the insurance carrier, benefit plan and rate structure that will help your strategy to succeed.


If your strategy includes offering medical benefits, we’ll help you understand Obamacare and its impact on your business and employees. We’ll also help you understand:


  • How to create an employee contribution formula that is fair.
  • Whether you should consider self-funded medical benefits.
  • How a high-deductible health plan can save you and your employees money.
  • How to offer Retiree Medical Coverage.
  • What to do with employees working overseas.


Since the day to day administration of benefit plans is confusing at best, and full of potential liability, ABS helps by:


  • Explaining waiting periods, enrollment requirements, contract limits and exclusions and policy do’s and don’ts to you and your employees.
  • Administering COBRA and State Continuation for you.
  • Speaking with your employees at enrollment meetings and through the year to help them understand their coverage and to resolve any claim issues.
  • Providing a dedicated website, HRAnswerlink, where you have access to forms, whitepapers, FAQ’s and even personal chat with HR experts on issues beyond insurance like Family Leave, Performance Reviews, Employment contracts, and required employee notices (Megan’s Law, etc.)
  • Overseeing a third party administrator for your High Deductible plans.
  • Sponsoring a Health Advocacy service that covers your employees and their extended families. Clinical specialists help your employees to get the most out of their health plan, and go beyond the insurance policy to identify government, corporate, and clinical resources your employee might not know about.



Since a comprehensive employee benefit package includes more than medical benefits, ABS helps you:


  • Offer dental insurance that meets or exceeds Obamacare requirements.
  • Understand the difference between company paid benefits and voluntary benefits the employees pay for themselves.
  • Give your employees financial security by offering life insurance and disability insurance through the company.
  • Give your employees buying power and favorable terms to purchase additional coverage to suit their needs.
  • Insure the profitability and succession of your business through strategies to insure the company against the loss of an owner or rainmaker, or to fund the buyout of an owner.


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