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At its core, Employee Benefits is a SERVICE Industry. Health Insurance is unlike other insurances. When we buy auto insurance, or Homeowners Insurance we expect that if lucky, we might never actually use it or at worse use it only once or twice in our life. Health Insurance though, is used by everybody, all the time.


Even the healthiest of us still get our checkups, have the occasional flu or sprained ankle. The majority of us regularly take at least one maintenance type of prescription. One in five of us will be under a doctor’s care every day! Add to that the complexity of the health care system, involving moving parts: doctors, facilities, referrals, prior authorizations, hospital systems, pharmacies and the like, and you begin to understand how 80% of our time is spent helping you and your employees with the problems that inevitable arise in a system as complex as this.


Additionally, the HR burdens placed on Plan Administrators have grown to the point where it is safe to say that virtually every employer is out of compliance with something!

ABS helps you and your Employees by providing:


  • COBRA Administration - complimentary to our clients!

  • Health Advocate - the nation’s premier patient advocacy and wellness company. We sign you and your employees up FREE, where you have access to Registered Nurses, Social Workers, and Medical Directors who become your Patient Advocate. They’ll help you understand what questions to ask, and get you the answers. They’ll help you read and understand medical reports, get appointments with hard to reach specialists and inform you about disease management programs and clinical trials you didn’t even know existed.

  • HRAnswerlink - ABS gives you log in credentials to your very own HR database, forum and online resource. Need an answer to an HR issue you haven’t dealt with before? It’s here. IRS forms? Obamacare Reporting? Technology and Privacy related to HR? The answers are here. Need a model form or letter for hiring/termination? Diversity? Employee Management? FMLA? Yes, yes, yes and YES. Available 24/7 from anywhere.

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